Medical & Lab Research


Summus Industries has partnered with VWR International to craft a highly customized laboratory research offering, one that meets your contract, purchasing, distribution, reporting, and online ordering requirements.

Summus Industries is honored to be one of the selected few diversity partners of VWR International in the State of Texas.  To further strengthen our strategic alliance, we are participating in a Mentor Protégé relationship with the help of our sponsoring agencies UT System and UT Health.

Pricing Agreements

Summus Industries has been awarded the Core Laboratory Equipment contract UTSSCA7615 by the UT Supply Chain Alliance. Summus Industries strategic alliance with VWR International allows us to leverage their product portfolio and distribution power.  

Summus Industries is committed to offering broad product choice to a world of accelerating scientific advancement. We give you direct access to the world’s most respected equipment, supplies, chemicals, furniture, and more, including products from the VWR Collection featuring high quality, superior performance, and competitive pricing. Whether it be a new lab, renovation, or relocation, our flexible program with VWR International can deliver:

  • Competitively priced products
  • A comprehensive product range
  • Tailored packages to suit your lab requirements
  • Procurement and supply management
  • Laboratory support
  • Equipment and instrument services
  • Complete project planning, logistics, and relocation services

Customer Service Support

Our team has full access to VWR’s customer care support team including technical support. Your account will be assigned a dedicated Summus Industries Customer Service representative. Your point of contact can provide price quotes, process an order, support you with customer service inquires, and provide tracking information.

 Our inside sales team can be reached at