Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantage

Our Team

Summus Industries’ culture, value system, operating principles, leadership style and management philosophy are achieved and supported by our employees. Our employees are the foundation of our organization and also our greatest asset. Each of our associates is committed to providing the very best possible customer service.

Lean Process

Our lean processes focus on customer service, efficiency and cost reduction. The fewer steps we have in a process, the fewer chances for an error and the better quality of our customer service. We have standardized procedures that reduce and, or eliminate our chances for error. Our operational objectives are aligned with our commitment to offering superior customer service.

Small Business - Big Technology

Summus Industries has invested heavily in technology. Technology will continue to improve and become more affordable to the masses. It will also play a major role driving operational efficiencies for us as well as our customers. We are committed to keeping our business on the vanguard of the technology curve.


Our proprietary PartnerLink software allows us to interface with most enterprise resource planning systems and third party purchasing applications such as SciQuest. Choosing a supplier that can quickly integrate with your e-procurement system is as critical to the success of driving costs out of the supply chain. Our customers benefit from our expertise in performing complex integrations. PartnerLink can integrate our system in most standard protocols resulting in a high return on investment for your e-procurement dollars.

The Solutions We Offer

  • Full integration capabilities with SciQuest and other major third-party providers.
  • CXML/EDI transaction capability.
  • Customized solutions and programming.